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Sari Zuhair Gassem


  •  Marital status: Married

  •  Nationality: Saudi

  •  Birth day: 24-7-1982

  •  Place of Birth: AL-Hada

Contact Information



  • [ 2000-2006 ] King Faisal University

  • BS in Architecture Engineering

  •  Current GPA is 3.53 (out of 5).

  •  Courses taken included designing courses , management courses , electives courses in ( landscaping , interior, planning , and computer graphics)

  •  Worked four months on Graduation project in the field of Transportation and it was about “ Dammam Bus Station ” (awarded grade was B+)


Senior Architect or Project Manger
Target Job Location:
 Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Career Objective:
To obtain a responsible and challenging position where my Talents, Education and Work Experience will have valuable application to the fullest.
Employment Status: 
Notice Period 1 months or less 


Assistant Project Management

January 2013 - Present (4 years 8 month)


Omrania & Associates, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Department: Technical and Management department


Job description:
-Assisting a Senior Project Manager in all Roles
-involved in Office project Management
-Proposal Preparations and Writing.
-Client Relationship officer.
-Governmental projects Coordinating and Following-up.
-involved in Architectural Design Management
-involved in Architectural Technical Drawings
-involved in Ministry of Housing Project Managing and Supervising of 33 Governmental Housing Sites in Saudi Arabia


Senior Architect

January 2012 - December 2012 (1 year)

Ministry of Education, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Department: Quality Control department


Job description:

-involved in Quality Control insurance of technical drawings and reports.

-Governmental projects Coordinating and Following-up

Senior Architect

July 2011 - December 2011 (6 month)

Ministry Of higher Education, Makkah (Haram Development), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Department: Design department


Job description: -involved in Architectural design and Architectural Technical Drawings


Architect - Assistant Branch Manager

January 2009 - June 2011 (2 years 6 month)


Zuhair Gassem & Associates, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Department: Management department


Job description:

-Assisting office Manager in all Roles
-involved in Office project Management

-Client Relationship

-involved in Architectural Design Management

-involved in Architectural Technical Drawings


January 2006 - December 2008 (3 years)


Zuhair Gassem & Associates, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Department: Design and supervision department

Job description:

  • Involved in Architectural design and Architectural Technical Drawings

  • Supervision of construction activities.

  • Preparing Presentation documents (Perspectives and rendering).

[ March 2006 ]

Grader in architect engineering major in king faisal university.

[Summer 2005]
Summer training in Al- Aytah Engineering office in Riyadh for 8 weeks.

Involved in the Design competition of:


  • Awarded first 1St place in Saudi Telecom (STC) Al Dammam branch Company Competition.
  • Al Riyadh Affordable House Competition.
  • Top 20 Awarded a honorable Design participant Al Oula Company Al-Nakhel District Competition.
  • Al Ssabel Drinking Fountain Competition.
  • Al Dammam 300 bed Maternity Hospital.
  • King Faisal University Maine Lobby.
  • Al Dammam Art Museum.
  • King Faisal University Library.
  • Al Dammam Boys Elementary School.
  • Al Dammam Sport Hall .
  • Al Dammam Local Masjed. -Student Studio Housing.
  • Graduation project of Al Dammam Bus Station.


  • MS Office Applications [Word, Power Point, Excel].

  • AutoCAD 2D and 3D (14 Years)

  • Adobe Photoshop ( 14 Years )

  • Sketch Up ( 5 year )

  • 3D MAX ( 14 Years )

  •  Revit Architecture ( 5 year )

  •  Rhinoceros ( 6 months )

References available upon request.

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